CSR (Corporate and Social Responsibility)

At Oxyamco, we’ve always been passionate about this area which has become a hot topic in recent years. Corporate and Social Responsibility is close to our hearts and we strive to run our business in a highly responsible and ethical manner.


We endeavour to trade fairly with our vendor partners to ensure that we make sustainable products, minimising the impact on the environment where possible. We also inspect all production facilities and take rigorous steps to ensure that working conditions are comfortable and that all individuals in our supply chain are paid fairly.


We believe in long-term business relationships where we can work more closely with our vendor partners to ensure that they can continuously improve their overall conditions.


Briefly here’s some insight into our CSR and environmental philosophy/actions in our own supply chain:


  • We actively encourage our vendors to implement ethical business practices

  • Our approach is realistic, objective, and geared towards continual improvement

  • We promote high ethical standards throughout our supply chain without imposing unachievable conditions

  • We know that unachievable conditions are often counter-productive to vendors’ & their employees’ interests

  • We aim to understand the diversity of our supply chain, embrace local cultures, and through our business relationships, support and improve livelihoods

  • We personally visit all production sites and forbid any form of sub-contracting

  • We focus on building stable long-term business relationships, providing training and support

  • We reward good progress with additional business opportunities

  • We fundamentally believe in environmental sustainability, our planet is our playground and we need to respect it and care for it

  • We actively encourage our colleagues, associates and our vendors to minimise negative environmental impacts

  • We avoid wastage throughout our supply chain and encourage recycling, all paper board and fabric wastage is recycled

  • We follow European standards on harmful substances to ensure that these are excluded from our raw materials and accessories

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